Maureen and I would like to personally welcome you to 

Crestwood Rottweiler’s

left to right: Gunner, Henry, Roxy, Jaedyn, Liberty

Maureen and I fell in love with the Rottweiler breed when Maureen was just sixteen years old.  She worked an entire summer saving every penny to buy her first Rottweiler.  She loved and learned how to train a Rottweiler to do the job they were bred to do.  Our Belle lived to be fourteen years old.  Maureen decided many years ago to dedicate her life to serving animals, and she has done just that.

Maureen earned an Associates Degree from SUNY Morrisville, in New York.  She applied and was accepted to Cornell University in New York.  Maureen came home to Massachusetts to finish her studies.  She graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelor of Science Degree with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary studies.  Maureen has gone on to receive a Masters Degree in Biology from St. Joseph’s College in Connecticut.  She has also received a Certificate in Emerging Diseases from St. Joseph’s College in Connecticut.

When our Belle passed away it was a miracle that breeders Lorretta and Allen Pyeatt of Loral’s Rottweilers had one little girl left in their litter.

We named our girl Loral’s Twilight.  Her call name is Jaedyn, which means God hears.  God heard how sad we were when we lost our Belle and brought Jaedyn to us.

Through Maureen’s constant love and training, Jaedyn is the epitome of everything a Rottweiler should be.  Her temperament is impeccable.  She is beautiful, strong and confident. She loves all children.  Jaedyn is a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Incorporated.  Maureen and Jaedyn have volunteered their time for over three years, visiting with patients and spending time with people who are in need of something only a loving dog can provide.  It was very touching when one patient asked “Does her name Jaedyn mean anything?”  Maureen responded “Why yes, her name means “God hears.”  The woman began to cry and said “I thought God stopped listening to me a long time ago.”  She buried her head into Jaedyn and sobbed.  Jaedyn turned and kissed her tears away.

We so love Jaedyn we decided to add another Rottweiler to our family.  We placed a call again to Lorretta and Allen Pyeatt and soon we were holding little Liberty (Loral’s Voice of Freedom) in our arms.  She and Jaedyn are half sisters.  Libby as we call her is every bit as beautiful and intelligent as her sister.  She and Jaedyn are in love with the children in our home, especially the three month old.  Libby has begun her therapy work at hospitals as well.

Maureen has trained all of our dogs for AKC conformation and AKC obedience trials.

We are very proud to introduce you to:


CH. Loral’s Voice of Freedom CD BN THN CGCA

AOM GCH. AKC/UKC CH. Crestwood’s A Concealed Weapon RN TKN CGC TT

GCH. CH. Crestwood’s Bring Me Another Another On The Rox TKN CGC


AKC/UKC CH. Crestwood’s Behold The King Of Blackstar CD BN HIT RN TKN URO1 CGC